On Friday, June 15, 2012, SEM Sandra Vegting, Ambassador of Australia to Madagascar, presented a letter of credence to Andry Rajoelina, appointing him as President of the Tranition.

On behalf of the Australian nation, the new Australian ambassador also expressed support for the Transitional Authority’s political road-map, along with support for the establishment of free and democratic elections in Madagascar.

For the 18th edition of the Euro 2012, TVM, the main malagasy channel, could only afford to pay for the broadcasting rights of 8 games (out of 32). To make up for it, president Andry Rajoelina decided to purchase, with his own money, the rights to the remaining 24 games.

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On Saturday, June 2, Andry Rajoelina attended the 7th Annual International Fair of Madagascar where multinational and local companies showcased their latest products. The fair was held in Futura Andranomena Park and hosted over 450 companies.

On Friday, June 1, Andry Rajoelina attended The International Tourism Fair in the Carlton Hotel, Madagascar. The objective of the event was to promote Madagascar and its neighbor islands by highlighting all of their assets. The event also served as a big step towards stabilizing Madagascar’s economy and gaining foreign investment.

On may 18th 2012, Andry Rajoelina met Ban Ki-Moon at the UN headquarters in New York. The UN organized a debate about the state of the world economy, coined Faltering Economic Recovery, Risk of Another Recession, ‘Reason to Recommit’, during which Andry Rajoelina was invited to share the story of Madagascar and the great economic development potentials it holds for international investors.

Le 18 mai 2012, Andry Rajoelina a rencontré Ban Ki-Moonau siège des Nations-Unies à New-York. Les Nations Unies ont organisé un débat sur la situation de l’économie mondiale, intitulé “diversifier le recouvrement économique, les risques d’une nouvelle récession, les raisons pour se réinvestir”, durant lequel Andry Rajoelina a été invité pour partager l’histoire de Madagascar et les potentiels de développement économiques que la Grande Île représente pour les bailleurs de fonds internationaux.

Ny 18 may 2012, Andry Rajoelina nihaona tamin’i Ban-Ki-Moon tany amin’ny foibe an’ny Fikambanam-be iraisam-pirenena tany New-York. Nanomana fifanakalozan-kevitra ny Fikambanam-be iraisam-pirenena mikasika ny fiainana ara-toe-karena eran-tany izay mikasika indrindra nymampitombo ny fanapariahana ara-toe-karena,ny amban’ny fiemorana ara-toekarena sy ny anton’nyfamerenana ny fampiasam-bola, izay nanasana an’i Andry Rajoelina nahafahany nizara ny tantaran’ny Madagasikara sy ny mety ho firoborobona ekonomika atolotry Madagasikara ho an’ny mpamatsy vola avy any ivelany.

On May 9th 2012, Andry Rajoelina invited the national pétanque team to the presidential palace to congratulate them for winning the Confederations’ cup. The president of the High Transitional Autority made a 10-million ariary donation to the team to encourage them for the oncoming pétanque world cup that will take place in Marseille France in a few months.

Le 9 mai 2012, Andry Rajoelina a invité l’équipe nationale de pétanque au palais présidentiel pour la féliciter de leur victoire à la coupe des confédérations. Le président de la haute autorité de la transition a fait une donation de 10 million d’ariary à l’équipe pour l’encourager en vue de la prochaine coupe du monde de pétanque qui se déroulera dans quelques mois à Marseille.

Ny 9 may 2012, nanasa ny ekipa nasionaly mpilalao kanetibe i Andry Rajoelina tao amin’ny Lapan’ny Filoha mba nahafahany niarahaba azy ireo tamin’ny fandreseny tamin’ny “coupe des confédérations”. Nanome fanomezana 10 tapitrisa ariary azy ireo ny Filoha Avon’ny Tetezamita mba amporisihina azy ireo amin’ny fiatrehena ny “coupe du monde” ny lalao kanetibe izay ho atao any Marseille afaka volana vitsivisy.

During the signature of the agreement that aims to provide the City of Antananarivo with a 600 millions (ariary) budget to modernize and sanitize parts of the city, Andry Rajoelina donated 6 garbage trucks to the municipal authorities.

Lors de la signature de l’accord qui vise à fournir la ville d’Antananarivo un budget de 600 millions d’ariary pour nettoyer et moderniser certaines parties de la ville, Andry Rajoelina a donné 6 camion-bennes aux autorités municipales.

Tamin’ny fanasoniavana ny fifanarahana izay nanomezana tetibola 600 tapitrisa ariary an’ny Tanànan’Antananarivo afahana manadio sy manavao ny tanàna, nanome “camion-benne” mihisa 6 ho an’ny Kaominina Antananarivo Renivohitra ihany koa Andry Rajoelina.

Foot race of “solidarity and unity” on the new RN35 road.

Course à pied de l’union et de la solidarité sur le nouvelle Route RN35.

Fiazakazahan’ny fitambarana sy ny firaisan-kina teny amn’ny lalana RN35 vaovao.

During my last visit to Morondava (September 21st 2010), I promised you we would rehabilitate the RN35 (State highway 35). Together, we set the challenge to achieve this goal. Today… We made it happen. With its numerous touristic sites - Belo sur Mer, Akevo, Allée de Baobab - the Menabe area is a valuable asset for the region’s and nation’s economic development, for which the newly-restored RN35 is paving the way.
Andry and Mialy Rajoelina at the National Reforestation Day 2012
Andry et Mialy Rajoelina à la Journée Nationale de la Reforestation 2012 
Andry sy Mialy Rajoelina teny amn’ny Androm-pirenenan’ny fambolen-kazo, taona 2012

Andry and Mialy Rajoelina at the National Reforestation Day 2012

Andry et Mialy Rajoelina à la Journée Nationale de la Reforestation 2012

Andry sy Mialy Rajoelina teny amn’ny Androm-pirenenan’ny fambolen-kazo, taona 2012